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Each wedding cake is bespoke, please contact us for pricing. Delivery to venue and liaison with wedding planner / decorators can be arranged.

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Wedding Cakes – a selection of beautiful bespoke wedding cake designs.

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How to choose the right cake maker for your wedding: The 101

Even though we are professional bakers, we think it’s important to talk about how to choose the right baker to help make the right wedding cake for your wedding. Apart from knowing the theme behind the wedding, there are things that a baker should know. There are things you need to look out for when hiring a professional baker, so that’s what we will be talking about in this article.

Plan early

It’s important to always start planning early, the venue you choose can be a huge factor. It’s a big influence on the design and the aesthetics details of your wedding cake. For example, the buttercream icing you use can’t withstand the heat coupled with a sturdier fondant, now imagine taking this to an outdoor wedding in the summer. The best thing to do is to secure a location and start shopping for a professional baker.

Its ok to stay glued to your style

When hunting for the right wedding cake baker, its ok to stick to your style. Wedding cakes come in different shapes (and sizes of course), the interesting part is it can be tailored to suit your taste. That is why you need to have a wedding theme and a color palette too, knowing both will help you create a path for the wedding cake baker to follow.

Check online or ask around for testimonials and reviews

Still, on looking out for the right baker, you need to do a bit of research before choosing that baker. It’s not that difficult, you can get a clear sense of what you want to spend your money on by going online, most bakers post their recent jobs and testimonials online, all you have to do is look for the reviews and portfolio before you schedule a meeting with one.

Get the full picture of their work

After asking around, checking portfolios and reviews, you need to schedule a meeting with the one you’ve chosen, if you’ve gone past that stage, then it’s important to look at the range of work by looking at the wedding cakes they offer and the desserts they made at a previous event.

There you have it if you need a professional cake baker who understands the theme of every wedding and makes the best wedding cake then you should visit us at Midland Cake Company.

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