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Funky, Fun, Beautiful and Quirky Children’s Character & Themed Cakes for Birthdays and Celebrations. A Selection of Children’s Cake Creations for Kids Birthday.

Prices start from £70 for a children’s cake. For adult cakes and other celebration cakes, see our Celebration Cake Gallery

We also have a gallery for LOL Surprise Cakes and Unicorn Cakes

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Children’s Birthday Cakes: Hiring a professional baker to make that child’s party memorable.

Children’s birthday cakes are the focal point of the children’s birthday party. Whether it’s for a boy or girl, the cake is what defines the outcome of the party. To make the day special, there are certain things you need to do and there are some things you also need to ignore.

Let a baker do the job

As a mother who shuffles, work with raising a family and other obligations, baking a birthday cake might be too stressful, that’s why you need a baker to help you handle it. We are very experienced when it comes to baking Children’s birthday cakes. You still have to make sure you hire one on time. That way, they will get to understand the theme of the birthday and make it a reality. The fact is, a lot of people think buying a ready-made cake makes them a bad parent, of course, it doesn’t!

The Benefits of buying a professionally made cake for your child.

  • It is very quick and easy – you obviously won’t have to stress yourself, let your money do the job.
  • It’s difficult to control those ingredients used to bake a cake, only a professional will understand this.
  • You have ready-made designs to choose from, a whole lot of pattern to pick from, or you can give the baker a theme to work with
The Dos and Don’ts for child’s birthday cake.

Book as early as possible

To avoid disappointment, contact us as soon as possible to fix your date

What do I do with the cake when its delivered?

Now that you have your cake, do you keep it or display it. it depends on what you want, some would love to make the cake the star of the show. You might also choose the keep the cake till the party is almost done. It all depends on what you want. You decide. According to Parent Magazine, 70% of the parents interviewed said they would rather purchase the cake for their kids’ birthday party.

Don’t leave it too late

Remember, this is the star of the show, you don’t want to cut it too early and you don’t want to leave it late. You should know the perfect time to cut the cake. If you’ve got lots of toddlers attending, you might want to cut the cake earlier.

Apart from making Wedding cakes, we also bake cakes for children’s birthday party. So, let us help you make your child’s birthday a memorable one. If you’re looking for a childrens cake, get in touch with us to see if we can help.

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